LightRun raises $23 million led by Insight Partners

The Israeli startup will use the funding to accelerate its roadmap of enterprise-level features for developer teams embracing the new shift-left paradigm for production code observability
May 26, 2021 by Ayelet
Lightrun founders
Lightrun founders Ilan Peleg and Leonid Blouvshein. Photo: Tomer Rotenberg

Lightrun, which has developed a continuous debugging and observability platform, announced on Wednesday that it has closed a $23 million series A round led by Insight Partners with participation from existing investor Glilot Capital Partners, bringing its total funding to $26 million to date. Lightrun will use the funding to expand its engineering team and accelerate its roadmap of enterprise-level features for developer teams embracing the new shift-left paradigm for production code observability.

Lightrun is based in Tel Aviv and was founded in 2019 by CEO Ilan Peleg and CTO Leonid Blouvshein. Lightrun currently employs 20 people, doubling its workforce over the past year.

“For too long, developers have been forced to use traditional APM and observability tools that were designed for operators and IT, and correlating data on the ‘right’,” said Peleg. “We’re already seeing operations and security shifting left as startups like Synk and Hashicorp disrupt those spaces. Now Lightrun is flipping the paradigm of observability and putting the tooling in the hands of developers – and giving developers new observability into live application’s state, rather than the ‘static,’ log-everything legacy approach to software debugging.”

In April, Lightrun launched a free community edition of its popular platform for developer-native observability. Earlier this month, Lightrun was named a Gartner Cool Vendor for Monitoring, Observability and Cloud Operations. The company recently announced numerous new integrations supported by Lightrun in the APM product ecosystem, including Datadog, IntelliJ IDEA,, Prometheus, Slack, and StatsD.

“We’ve seen a number of observability solutions joining the market, but found Lightrun’s shift-left approach to be truly unique,” said Teddie Wardi, managing director, Insight Partners, who led the round and will join the board of directors. “The main point of shifting observability to the left in the software development lifecycle is incorporating observability into the day-to-day developer workflow. Lightrun makes observability more ops-free, real-time,gt and ergonomic to the development process than any other platform, and we believe they are in a position to capture a large international market of development teams at enterprises that prioritize rapid feature development and frequent shipping.”