Remilk made it to Future Food-Tech’s “10 Start-Ups to Watch in 2022” list

2022 is set to be a milestone year for hundreds of ambitious food-tech innovators.
December 10, 2021 by Ayelet
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Breakthrough technologies combined with an explosion of talent and the urgency to accelerate sustainable food systems at scale, have enabled innovators to break the boundaries of what was once considered impossible.

Who is on your innovation radar?

With the topics of fermentation, alternative proteins, nutrition & health, ingredient innovation, food waste all core themes of Future Food-Tech this March 24-25, the organizers have selected 10 pioneers across food-tech as ones to watch in 2022.

“Groundbreaking partnerships and an abundance of investment across the sector are fuelling the next generation of scalable food-tech and inspirational new talent. As emerging technologies gain global traction and adoption, I look forward to meeting hundreds of founders at Future Food-Tech in San Francisco this March,” says Jet Luckhurst, Start-Up Partnerships Manager, Future Food-Tech

10 Start-Ups to Watch in 2022:

Alternative Dairy
(Israel) – Aviv Wolff, CEO and Co-Founder
Presenting its dairy produce created using microbial fermentation in the Taste Lab  and speaking on the panel discussion ‘Consumer Acceptance and Understanding: Embracing Technology in Our Foods’ at Future Food-Tech

Remilk is reimagining the future of food by crafting real dairy without cows.

It has already raised $11.3M to scale up its technology and prepares for global launch.


Nobell Foods (USA) – Magi Richani, Founder and CEO
Speaking on the panel discussion ‘Alternative Proteins: Recreating the Entire Sensory Experience of Animal Products’ at Future Food-Tech

Nobell Foods is creating cheese and other dairy products from plant-derived dairy proteins containing plant-based casein.

It raised $75M in  Series B funding round in July 2022 to expand its team and farming partnerships, scale production and bring its product to market.


Plant-Based Chicken

Sundial Foods (USA) – Jessica Schwabach – CEO and Co-Founder
Cooking its plant-based chicken live on stage at Future Food-Tech

Sundial Foods uses a unique macro and microstructural engineering approach to create an ethically and environmentally friendly plant-based meat alternative for conscious consumers of all ages.

Just last month it raised $4M to further develop its whole vegan chicken wings made from plants.


Fat Alternatives

Epogee (USA) – David Rowe, Founder and President
Hosting a networking coffee break at Future Food-Tech

Epogee’s flagship product, EPG, is a fat alternative derived through a groundbreaking food technology that delivers the sensory and functional benefits of traditional fats with dramatically fewer calories and no tradeoffs with taste or texture.

It unveiled its fat replacement technology in June 2021 to reinvent the chocolate bar.


Material Innovation

Gelatex (Estonia) – Mari-Ann Fonesca, Co-Founder and COO
Its Co-Founder will speak on the fireside chat ‘Marrying Big Ideas with Big Supply Chains to Scale Cultured Meat’ at Future Food-Tech

Gelatex has developed scalable cost-effective nanofibrous materials for cultured meat, wound care, bio-based filtration, and more.

It raised €1.2M to reduce the cost of cultivated meat scaffolds in November 2021.


Honey without Bees

MeliBio (USA) – Darko Mandich, CEO and Co-Founder
Presenting its honey live on stage in the ‘Step Up to the Plate’ session at Future Food-Tech

MeliBio honey matches and improves upon the molecular composition of bee-made honey.

It was featured on TIME‘s special mention list for best inventions of 2021.


Cocoa-Free Chocolate

QOA (Germany) – Maximilian Marquart, CEO and Co-Founder
Showcasing the world’s first cocoa-free chocolate in the ‘Step Up to the Plate’ session at Future Food-Tech

QOA makes future-proof chocolate using precision fermentation. 

It raised $6M in seed funding in October 2021 to build out a pilot production facility.


Egg Alternatives

Yo! Egg (Israel) – Eran Groner, CEO and Co-Founder
Taking part in the Start-Up TechHub at Future Food-Tech

Yo! Egg has developed a proprietary production technology that enables it to produce first-of-a-kind sunny side up and poached eggs entirely made from plants.

It is set to be available in Israel’s foodservice by the end of 2021 and in retail soon after.


Clean-Label Ingredients

Chinova Bioworks (USA) – Natasha Dhayagude, CEO
Leading an interactive discussion group at Future Food-Tech

Chinova Bioworks is developing a natural and effective antimicrobial mushroom chitosan fiber with broad spectrum protection to enhance the shelf-life of clean label foods, beverages and cosmetics.

It is focused on rapidly scaling up manufacturing for its upcycled mushroom extract.


Coffee Innovation

Atomo (USA) – Garrett King, Sustainability Partnerships Manager
Hosting a networking coffee break at Future Food-Tech

Atomo has developed a molecular formula to produce great tasting coffee without the bean.

It recently revealed that its product uses 94% less water and produces 93% fewer carbon emissions than conventional cold brew coffee.


The Future Food-Tech summit in San Francisco (and online) on March 24-25 will bring together food brands, retailers, ingredient manufacturers, technology providers and investors for two days of high impact networking and knowledge-exchange to accelerate technologies across the agri-food supply chain.

Founders and pioneers from many of these companies and other breakthrough companies have already confirmed to attend Future Food-Tech:

Atomo Coffee, Comet Bio, Chinova Bioworks, Better Milk, Eat Just, Epogee, FlavorWiki, Gelatex, Incredible Foods, Libre Foods, Meati Foods, Melibio, Moolec Science, Nobell Foods, QOA, Remilk, Seppure, Sundial Foods, Thimus, Umiami, v2food, Yo! Egg*

The super early bird rate for the summit ends December 23. The full program, speaking faculty and delegate registration is available now at