Eyal Dior

Founder & Managing Partner

Eyal is a veteran of the Venture Capital world, having worked with Aura more than 20 years ago.

Around 2001, Eyal moved to work with one of Aura’s portfolio companies (VersaMed), where he moved from Executive positions in business development and then operations until ultimately becoming VersaMed’s President. Eyal led the company from early stage to significant global growth and eventually a successful exit to General Electric.

Eyal continued working with GE for several years as the leader of global businesses.

After his tenure with GE, Eyal founded a new Startup in the IoT space. In 2016, Eyal returned to the world of Venture Capital when he and Ron Ostroff started what is now Tal Ventures.

Eyal is an attorney by trade, he has an immense passion for the hi-tech industry and loves cooking and playing the piano in his free time. Eyal resides in Shoham with his wife Efrat and has three children.

Eyal Dior team photo