Miriam Shtilman-Lavsovski


Miriam spent the last 20+ years growing Algotec, an enterprise software company, from a small startup to becoming a world leader in healthcare informatics, leading it through capital raising, three acquisitions and countless turnarounds and challenges. In previous years, Miriam served as an Advisor to Israel’s Minister of Finance.

Miriam served on the boards of several companies and non-profit organizations and is currently a board member of the Israel Advanced Technology Industries. She is a member of the Advisory Board on Tech Employment of the government of Israel and a member of the steering committee of Israel’s Cyber Championship.

Miriam was a whiz kid who taught herself coding at age 10 and pursued this passion for many years. She holds a Cum Laude MBA in Technology Management
and Information Systems, a Cum Laude B.A. in Economics and a Cum Laude LL.B. in Law, all from Tel-Aviv University.

Miriam is a volunteer with the Cracking the Glass Ceiling program and other STEM education programs, she lives in Tel Aviv with her husband, Gal, and four children, and enjoys solving riddles and dancing.

Miriam Lavsovski team photo